TSA 6000®

The TSA 6000® is a USB device that provides complete analysis of analog port telephone signals including Caller-ID protocols, FXS/FXO interface testing, DTMF, power ringing, single frequency interference noise, call progress tones, noise and more. The TSA 6000® is FCC, CSA C/US and CE approved.

This product can be easily used by all field and lab personnel.

Please visit www.TSA6000.com.

Email tsa6000@asttechlabs.com to request a quotation or for more information.


  • VoIP and Set top box terminal adaptors testing
  • FXS and FXO port testing
  • Telephone Line and Caller-ID Signaling Verification
  • Telephone Line and Caller-ID Troubleshooting
  • Central Office Signaling Analysis
  • Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) Signaling Verification (GR-57)
  • Customer Premises Equipment Troubleshooting
  • Network Equipment Installation Verification
  • ILEC / CLEC Signal Interface Troubleshooting
  • Caller ID Loop Surveys
  • Wireline SMS (ETSI ETS 100 900, ETSI ETS 100 901)
  • ADSI Protocol Verification (SR-1273, SR-2461)
  • Russian ANI (Russian Caller ID) Verification
  • ADEMCO Alarm Protocol Verification
  • Plus many other uses
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