Set-Top Box (STB)

Set-Top Box (STB) device testing includes performance tests for analog network interface and signaling. Additional performance requirements are provided for Environmental considerations.

  • Resistance and Impedance (TIA-470.210-F)
  • Alerter detection and non-response (TIA-470.220-E)
  • Network Dialing and Signaling (TIA-470.230-D)
  • DC Signaling and Events
  • Type 1 On-hook CID
  • VMWI
  • Message Format
  • Lightning Immunity
    • Signal leads
    • Power leads
  • Electro-Static Discharge (ESD)
    • Air discharge
    • Direct contact discharge
    • In-direct contact discharge
  • AC Power Variations
    • Transient interruptions
    • Short term voltage sags
    • long term interruptions
  • Temperature and Humidity
    • Operating conditions
    • Storage conditions
  • Drop Testing
    • Packaged
    • Unpackaged
  • Vibration
  • Immunity Radiated Electric Field (E-field) Interference
  • Immunity Conducted Interference on Signal Leads
  • Immunity Conducted Interference on Power Leads
  • Measuring performance of:
    • Receive level of acoustic output
    • Transmit level of electrical output
    • Functionality during application of the interference

Using Bell Labs 1980 “Noise Survey of the Loop Plant” published in the Bell System Technical Journal in 1984 as the basis for the common mode noise parameters to use for testing and real world environmental simulation.

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