Labs and Capabilities

AST Technology Lab's 8000 sq-ft (744 sq-m) stand-alone office building is located in Melbourne, FL

AST's walk-in anechoic chamber is used for testing acoustic devices as required in communication device performance standards.


AST's ETSI (reverberation) room is used for evaluating the performance of noise suppression, echo control, and active noise canceling (ANC) device features as required in device performance standards.


AST's custom developed still and video camera lab is used for evaluating camera performance including testing to the Microsoft Teams video specifications.

AST's Cortana (reverberation) room is used for evaluating the performance of "hey Cortana" voice response testing


AST's custom developed machine vision based Caller-ID test system is used for testing to ANSI/TIA-777-A, ETSI ETS 300 659-x, and other Caller-ID performance standards.

AST's custom developed automated CPE Alerting Signal (CAS) test system is used for testing a Caller-ID device's CAS detector performance to Bellcore SR-3004, ANSI/TIA-777-A and ETSI ETS 300 659-2 performance standards.


AST's Environmental Performance lab intergrates multiple systems for testing Lightning surge, Electro-static Discharge (ESD), AC power dropouts, Drop & Vibration, and Temperatue & Humidity to the ANSI/TIA-571 peformance standard.


AST's custom developed automated range test system is used for testing the RF range of a cordless telephone (can you hear me now?) to the ANSI/TIA-470.310 performance standard.

AST's custom developed automated RFI test system is used for testing a commincation device's immmunity to radio interference to the ANSI/TIA-631 performance standard. 

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