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Communication Products:

  • Telephone Devices (VoIP, Mobile, Digital, Analog, Proprietary)
    • Handset - Headset - Speakerphone - Cordless - Answering Machine - Amplified
  • Communication Devices
    • PC - Laptops - AIO - Soft clients - Meeting room systems
    • USB peripherals (headset, handset, speakerphone, webcams) - Bluetooth®
  • Voice Gateways (VoIP, FXO, FXS)
  • Analog Terminal Adaptors (ATA)
  • Set-Top Box (STB)
  • PBX (VoIP, Analog, Proprietary)
  • Telephony Semiconductors

Communication Product Testing:

  • Skype for Business Audio and Video Testing
  • Unified Communications (UC)
  • Speaker Acoustics Testing
  • Microphone Acoustics Testing
  • Speech Quality (POLQA, PESQ, Background Noise)
  • Acoustic Noise Testing
  • Amplified Audio and Acoustics Testing
  • Cordless Range (RF) Testing
  • Caller-ID Testing
  • Network Interface Testing
  • Telephony Features Testing
  • Radio Frequency Immunity (RFI) Testing
  • Environmental Testing Electrical (Lightning, ESD, AC Power)
  • Environmental Testing Mechanical (Drop, Vibration, Temperature & Humidity)
  • Gateway Testing (VoIP, ATA, FXO and FXS interfaces)
  • Common Mode Noise Susceptibility Testing

Microsoft Teams and Skype Audio Test Specification
Audio Test Specification For personal and conferencing audio devices built for Microsoft Teams calling
Video Capture Specification For personal and conferencing devices
Communication Product Performance Standards
3GPP TS 26 131 Terminal acoustic characteristics for telephony; Requirements (Mobile UE LTE)
3GPP TS 26 132 Speech and video telephony terminal acoustic test specification (Mobile UE LTE)
TIA-1042-A Electro-Acoustic for cdma2000 Mobile Stations
ANSI/TIA-920.110-B VoIP-Digital Handset Acoustics Narrowband and Wideband
ANSI/TIA-920.120-B VoIP-Digital Speakerphone Acoustics Narrowband and Wideband
ANSI/TIA-920.130-B VoIP-Digital Headset Acoustics Narrowband and Wideband
ANSI/TIA-4953-B Amplified Telephone Acoustics Narrowband & Narrowband
ANSI/TIA-1083-B Magnetic Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC), Analog and VoIP-Digital
FCC Part 68.316 Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) (TIA-504)
FCC Part 68.317 Hearing Aid Compatibility (Volume Control)
ANSI/TIA-4965 Receive Volume Control for Digital and Analog Handset
ANSI/TIA-5050 Receive Volume Control for Wireless (Mobile) Devices
ANSI/TIA-470.110-E Analog Telephone Handset Acoustics Narrowband
ANSI/TIA-470.112 Analog Telephone Handset Acoustics Wideband
ANSI/TIA-470.120-D Analog Speakerphone Acoustics Narrowband
ANSI/TIA-470.122 Analog Speakerphone Acoustics Wideband
ANSI/TIA-470.130-C Analog Telephone Headset Acoustics Narrowband
ANSI/TIA-470.132 Analog Telephone Headset Acoustics Wideband
ANSI/TIA-470.140 Analog Telephone Acoustic Echo Canceller
ANSI/TIA-470.210-F Analog Telephone Resistance and Impedance
ANSI/TIA-470.220-E Analog Telephone Alerter Acoustic and Response
ANSI/TIA-470.230-D Analog Telephone Network Dialing and Signaling
ANSI/TIA-470.310-D Cordless RF Range, Analog and VoIP-Digital
TIA-470.320-C Cordless Telephone Operation and Features, Analog and VoIP-Digital
TIA-470.330-C Answering Machine
TIA-5047 Speech Quality Subjective Testing
ANSI/TIA-571-C Lightning, ESD, AC Power Variations, Drop
ANSI/TIA-631-B Radio Frequency Immunity (RFI)
ANSI/TIA-777-A Type 1/Type 2 Caller-ID, VMWI and CAS Detector
ANSI/TIA-855-A Stutter Dial Tone Detection
Bellcore SR-3004 Call Progress Tones
Bellcore SR-2476 Call Progress Tones
ANSI/TIA-968-B Terminal Equipment connection to PSTN (former FCC Part 68 requirements)
ANSI/TIA-912-C Voice Gateway Transmission
ANSI/TIA-1063-A Terminal Adaptor Analog Port
ANSI/TIA-1062 Telephony Aspects for MLTS including VoIP interfaces
ANSI/TIA-464-C Analog PBX
ANSI/TIA-594-B Multi-Line Telephone Systems (MLTS)
ETSI ES 200 381-1 Inductive coupling of telephone earphones to hearing aids (fixed lines)
ETSI ES 200 381-2 Inductive coupling of telephone earphones to hearing aids (Cellular speech terminals)
ETSI EG 202 518 Maximum Levels Acoustic Output of Terminal Equipment
ETSI ES 202 737 VoIP Handset/headset Acoustics Narrowband
ETSI ES 202 738 VoIP Handsfree Acoustics Narrowband
ETSI ES 202 739 VoIP Handset/Headset Acoustics Wideband
ETSI ES 202 740 VoIP Handsfree Acoustics Wideband
ETSI ES 203 038 Terminal equipment incorporating a handset when connected to the analogue interface of the PSTN (was TBR38)
ETSI TBR21 Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) signalling
ETSI TBR38 Analog Telephone Device
ETSI ETS 300 659-1 On hook data transmission (Caller-ID)
ETSI ETS 300 659-2 Off-hook data transmission (Caller-ID)
ETSI ETS 300 659-3 Data link message and parameter codings (Caller-ID)
China GBT15279 Analog Telephone Device
South Africa TE-001 Analog Telephone Device Acoustics
South Africa TE-002 Telephone Answering Machines and Recording Equipment
South Africa TE-003 Repertory Dialing
South Africa TE-005 Speakerphones
South Africa TE-010 Calling Line Identification (CLI)
AST Internal Testing Voice gateway compression, crosstalk, latency
  Battery charging profiles
  Multi-line crosstalk
  Cordless battery charging
  Feature functionality
  Customer use evaluations
  Subjective speech quality
  AC common mode noise (Based on Bell Labs Loop Noise Survey)
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