Standards Development

Prior to founding AST Technology Labs, Inc. in 1995, James Bress was a Bellcore Member of the Technical Staff (MTS) and senior engineer which developed Caller-ID product and network requirements. Mr. Bress authored Bellcore SR-2476, Customer Premises Equipment Compatibility Considerations for the Voiceband Data Transmission Interface, and SR-3004, Testing Guidelines for Analog Type 1, 2, and 3 products.

AST Technology Labs is a contributing member of the Bluetooth® SIG eAudio task force developing standards for communication devices.

AST contributed to the development of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) (formerly known as CEA) standard for ANSI-CTA-2051 Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAP).

AST Technology Labs provides leadership to, and contributes to the standards developed by, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) TR41 committee, Performance and Accessibility for Communications Products.

  • TR41, Engineering Committee Performance and Accessibility for Communications Products.
    • James Bress (AST): Chair 2015 to present
  • TR41.3, Engineering Sub-committee for Communication Products
    • Don McKinnon (AST): Chair 2015 to present
    • James Bress (AST): Chair 2000 to 2007, 2010 to 2015, Vice-Chair 2007 to 2010
  • Standards Development (Chair, Editor, Major Contributor)
    • VoIP / Digital Interfaces:
      • TIA-920.110 VoIP/Digital Wideband/Narrowband Acoustics Handset
      • TIA-920.120 VoIP/Digital Wideband/Narrowband Acoustics Speakerphone
      • TIA-920.123 VoIP/Digital Wideband/Narrowband Acoustics Group Speakerphone
      • TIA-920.130 VoIP/Digital Wideband/Narrowband Acoustics Headset
    • Other/All Devices:
      • Gateways
        • TIA-912 Voice Gateway Transmission
        • TIA-1063 Terminal Adaptor Analog Port
      • Accessibility
        • TIA-1083 Hearing Aid Compatibility Performance
        • TIA-4953 Amplified Telephone Performance
        • TIA-4965 Volume Control Analog and Digital Devices
        • TIA-5050 Volume Control Wireless (Mobile) Devices
      • TIA-571 Environmental Performance
      • TIA-631 Radio Frequency immunity
      • TIA-470.310 Cordless Range Measurement Procedures
      • TIA-470.320 Cordless Telephone Features & Operations
    • Analog Interfaces:
      • TIA-470.110/120/130/140 Analog Narrowband Acoustics Handset/ Headset/ Speakerphones/ Echo Canceller
      • TIA-470.112/122/132 Analog Wideband Acoustics Handset/ Headset/ Speakerphones
      • TIA-470.210 Analog Telephone Resistance & Impedance
      • TIA-470.220 Analog Telephone Alerter
      • TIA-470.230 Analog Telphone Network Signaling
      • TIA-470.330 Telephone Digital Answering Device
      • TIA-777 Caller-ID Performance
      • TIA-855 Stutter Dial Tone Detection
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